Tuesday, August 21, 2012

UC Urban Farm 2012 summer update

I visited the UC Urban Farm twice in the summer of 2012.  The first visit in the spring left me wondering if there would be a successful farm... the second visit just this past week convinced me that this was a great summer!  Despite all of the very hot, and very dry weather, the UC Urban Farm has been thriving.  Veggies are growing, the stewards are happy, and looking forward to the autumn harvest.  Its a wonderful blessing to have been able to have helped contribute to the creation of this local, community garden in the Westwood neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Next year will be the fifth year, and I'm left wondering if we should do something 'special' to celebrate?  Five years of a community garden is a milestone, and it would be a shame not to celebrate!  So, perhaps next year the UC Urban Farm blog will be updated a bit more... with some stories of success (and challenges) over the past five years.